Breast Augmentation

Typically known as a “boob job”, a breast augmentation involves the use of breast implants or fat transfer so as to increase the size of your breasts. In essence, this treatment enables an increase in breast volume, which may have been lost typically due to weightloss, age or pregnancy, thus improving the appearance and asymmetry of breasts.

Breast implants may also be used when it comes to reconstructing breasts after a mastectomy or injury.

Patients can expect an immediate increase in size, with the implant surroundings feeling firm. It takes bout 2-3 Months for implants to settle into a natural position and the surrounding tissue to soften.

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Benefits of Breast Augmentation

Advantages of breast augmentation at Zurich Plastics performed by our specialist in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery FMH Konstantinos Jiouchas (Medical Director and Founder of Zurich Plastics GmbH)

  • Over 10 years of experience in Aesthetic Surgery
  • High transparency with insight into the surgical results of my work during consultations
  • Safety ensured by conducting my procedures in an operating room of the highest level of cleanliness, with perfectly trained staff with decades of experience in patient care before, during, and after aesthetic procedures
  • No compromises in the selection/quality of the implants used
  • Safety through my 24-hour availability after the procedure. I am always available for you via phone or our messaging service in case of questions, complaints, or uncertainties
  • Innovation in the field of modern breast surgery: my passion for breast surgery requires continuous further education at international congresses and regular exchange with colleagues to always be able to offer my patients the best possible procedure/result

Brief information about breast augmentation

OP duration:1-1.5 hours
Anesthesia:general anesthesia
Stay:"several hours
to 1 night"
Aftercare:Resorbable sutures, if non-resorbable sutures are used, the sutures are removed after 10 to 14 days, scar care, compression bra
Ability to work/socialize:Depending on the surgical method, work activity after approx. 3-7 days
Scarring:slight scarring on the axilla, nipple and/or inframammary folds
Rest:1-2 weeks
Avoid sports:5-6 weeks
Costs:On request / Individual

Before Breast Augmentation

Before the breast surgery at our practice Zurich Plastics, there is an extensive consultation with our specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery FMH Konstantinos Jiouchas. This consultation is crucial to identify the patient’s desires and expectations, undertake an accurate assessment of the breast, and ultimately make a recommendation. This recommendation highlights the plastic surgeon’s years of experience. In most cases, a mere breast enlargement with implant placement alone is not sufficient to achieve the desired goal. Therefore, in our clinic, we more often talk about breast shaping, as we usually combine the insertion of breast implants with a breast lift for sagging skin/soft tissue or enlargement with autologous fat to create an even more natural appearance.

Another important aspect of the consultations before the breast augmentation is the selection of the appropriate implant. Precise measurement of the breast is a fundamental prerequisite for determining the suitable implant for the patient in terms of volume and projection (height of the implant) during the discussion. The days when the surgeon would search for the appropriate implant size with several trial implants during surgery are passé in modern breast surgery.

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The Breast Surgery, Mamma Augmentation, Breast Shaping

The breast augmentation takes place in a clinic located directly on Lake Zurich, which, through its years of experience in performing aesthetic procedures, guarantees patients high-quality care. A gentle anesthesia is administered by experienced specialists in anesthesiology.

Furthermore, the incision approach for the breast augmentation is discussed with the patient in advance. Most often, the procedure is performed by our Medical Director K. Jiouchas using our well-known Minimal Scar Technique. In this method, the implant is inserted through a less than 3 cm narrow access in the breast crease using a silicone funnel (Keller Funnel) with the NoTouch technique into the previously prepared pocket under the muscle. If a breast lift or an areola correction is necessary, one can expect a typical I- or T-incision or a periareolar cut (incision around the nipple).

The Implant for Your Breast Surgery

The choice of implant placement depends on the initial findings and is also determined and clearly explained during the preliminary discussion. The specific reasons for a particular position would go beyond the scope of an informative page on our homepage, but are of course explained to the patient during detailed preoperative consultations. A small selection of possible implant placements, which are part of the repertoire of an experienced breast surgeon, is the position of the implant completely behind the chest muscle, in dual-plane position behind the chest muscle, behind the fascia (muscular membrane) of the chest muscle, or on the chest muscle. We consciously do not advocate one perfect implant position. Each method has its justification and must be individually selected, suitable for the patient’s body shape and the desired result.

Regarding the implants used, it’s worth noting that their characteristics emulate a natural breast shape that feels very natural after surgery. The high-quality implants we use often come with a lifetime warranty, providing an additional aspect of security for the patient.

A particularly noteworthy aspect nowadays is the breast augmentation with silicone implants combined with fat transfer (so-called hybrid augmentation) or breast enlargement using only autologous fat without the addition of silicone implants. Through the latest methods in liposuction and fat preparation before transfer, we can offer patients a high survival rate of the transferred fat cells with this method, and thus an excellent, natural, and long-lasting result.

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After Breast Augmentation

Typically, breast augmentations are performed under general anesthesia, without drainage inserts, as part of an outpatient procedure. In exceptional cases, or at the patient’s request, the procedure can also be combined with an overnight stay in the clinic.
At the end of the surgery, a compression bra is already applied, and a waterproof wound closure is used, allowing the patient to take a shower directly on the following day.

In the days after the breast augmentation, further appointments are made at the practice for wound monitoring. Our medical director and plastic surgeon, Konstantinos Jiouchas, is always available for his patients by phone or messenger via our 24-hour number.

In the one to two weeks following the procedure, the patient should physically take it easy and refrain from heavy activities. Depending on her job, the patient may be able to return to work after just one week. If non-absorbable sutures are used, they are removed on the 10th – 12th day after the breast augmentation in Zurich, right here at our practice on Maneggstrasse.

Methods of Breast Augmentation with Silicone Implants

In an operative breast augmentation (mammary augmentation plastic surgery), the volume of the breast is increased or enhanced by inserting a silicone implant. Any existing differences in size and shape of the breasts (known as breast asymmetries) can be adjusted through the targeted selection of the implant size and shape. The shape and size of the breast implants are discussed in detail preoperatively with each patient individually, taking into account the rest of the body proportions.

In addition, a fine-tuning regarding the implant size and shape is done intraoperatively to achieve a particularly natural and appealing overall appearance. We exclusively use high-quality silicone implants from the largest and most renowned German manufacturer, Polytech, as well as the extremely high-quality Motiva implants with nano-surface from the manufacturer Establishment Labs. Through the highest quality as well as precise, modern, and highly professional surgical techniques, a long-lasting and aesthetically beautiful result can be achieved.

For the plastic surgeons, Konstantinos Jiouchas, there are three methods available for the insertion of a breast implant:

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Axillary Approach (through the armpit)

In this method of breast augmentation, a small incision is made in the hair-bearing part of the armpit, and the silicone implant is inserted from there. The significant advantage of the axillary approach is that no scar forms on the breast itself, and any scarring under the armpit remains very inconspicuous. However, a disadvantage is that only round implants can be inserted through the armpit, as anatomical implants could rotate on the way into the implant cavity. Similarly, this approach is unsuitable if an implant exchange should be necessary after several years, and it may be required to intervene at another location of the breast (e.g., the breast crease).

Periareolar Approach (via the areola)

The periareolar method is also a possible access technique for breast augmentation. In this case, the incision is made along the areola, assuming certain conditions are met. The resulting scar is usually very inconspicuous and heals well. This method is advantageous when a breast lift is also planned, and scars around the nipple would occur anyway. Benefits of this procedure include reliable control of the implant’s position and a more straightforward process for changing implants. However, it’s difficult to use this method for very voluminous breast implants due to the limited diameter of the areola. This technique is often used in cases of deformities such as tuberous breasts, as it allows for a somewhat more discreet relocation of the fold under the breast. However, the method should be avoided if the patient has a desire to have children in the future and wishes to breastfeed. As a standard access route for a pure breast augmentation using silicone implants, we advise against this approach because studies show an increased risk of complications due to mild germ colonization of the areola.

Inframammary Approach (via the breast crease)

When inserting the silicone gel implant through the inframammary fold access, an incision of 3-5 centimeters in length is made.
After the operation is completed, the scar will lie relatively concealed in the breast fold and will not be visually disturbing. The inframammary approach is particularly notable for preserving the breast gland, thus making breastfeeding a baby possible in most cases without issues. Also, this method allows for optimal positioning of the implant, and a potential future implant exchange can be performed without any obstacles.

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Breast Augmentation – What Role Does the Position of the Breast Implants Play?

Breast augmentation at Zurich Plastics practice is possible through various methods. A significant difference between these methods lies in the position of the implants. Whether the breast implant is placed over the muscle, on the muscle but under the muscle fascia, or underneath it, depends on various factors. You will find out what the optimal approach and ideal position for you are during the preoperative consultation sessions with our specialist in plastic surgery in a personal discussion.
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Breast Augmentation / Breast Shaping with Fat Transfer

Another specialty of Zurich Plastics is our expertise in the field of fat transfer. In this procedure, fat is liposuctioned from other body regions and prepared. Subsequently, the fat transfer to the breast takes place. We usually perform this fat transfer in combination with implants. Here, the patient’s own fat is placed around the implant (in the sense of a hybrid augmentation). By combining these two procedures, we can achieve a very natural result, especially in the décolleté area.
If you are interested in a breast augmentation, it is advisable to benefit from our years of experience in the field of plastic-aesthetic breast surgery and to arrange a personal consultation. In a detailed consultation at our clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, the therapeutic options will be discussed with each individual patient, and the best individual therapy will be determined.

What Are the Risks of Breast Augmentation?

As an experienced team of breast surgeons, we have been dedicated to the professional and scientific advancement in the field of breast surgery for many years. A breast augmentation is a plastic-aesthetic procedure that requires the utmost precision and a sensitive approach.
Post-operatively, mild swelling and bruising may occur, which are to be understood as a normal reaction of the body to the surgical intervention and usually subside quickly after a few days. Scars generally fade over time on their own, or their appearance can be further improved with gentle therapies using ointments and scar massages. Modern silicone implants, such as round implants, are among the most thoroughly tested medical devices today and are mostly very well tolerated.

Nevertheless, each implant represents a foreign body, to which one’s own body can react in various ways and to varying extents. After the insertion of a breast implant, capsular contracture can develop (a tissue membrane that encloses the implant, thus shielding it from the body), which can be bothersome depending on the degree of severity. In rare cases, the breast implant may shift or harden, necessitating another breast surgery. The ability to breastfeed can also be affected by surgery in the area of the breast gland.

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Cost of Breast Augmentation

What is the cost of breast augmentation in Zurich?
The price for a breast augmentation at Zurich Plastics starts at 8900 CHF. The exact total depends on the chosen implant and the type of anesthesia (sedation or general anesthesia). The breast procedures are performed exclusively by FMH specialists in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery here in Switzerland.

How long does the breast augmentation take in Zurich?
The duration of the breast augmentation depends on the type of implant, the position of the implant, and additional measures taken during the procedure (e.g., simultaneous breast lift). A breast augmentation with subfascial implant placement takes approximately 35-40 minutes. Breast augmentation under the muscle takes about 60-90 minutes. For breast augmentation with simultaneous breast lifting, the procedure can last over 2 hours.
When does health insurance cover breast augmentation in Zurich?
If there is a medical indication along with a commitment from the health insurance to cover the costs, certain breast procedures can be covered by the insurance. In our clinic, findings such as capsular contractures and breast tumors are among the most common indications.
Are there visible scars after breast augmentation?
In our now well-known MinimalScarTechnique, the breast implant is inserted through a tiny access point in the breast crease, resulting in no visible scars.
Who is breast augmentation recommended for?
This question can only be clarified in a detailed discussion with one of our specialists in Plastic & Aesthetic Surgery. Depending on the health condition, body structure, and expectations of the patient, a detailed therapy recommendation can then be made.
Is it possible to breastfeed after breast augmentation?
Today, we mostly avoid using incisions through the areola for implant insertion. By using an approach through the inframammary fold or through the armpit, no direct preparations/cuts are made through the breast gland tissue. Accordingly, personal breastfeeding ability is not impaired by the procedure after breast augmentation.
What are the options for breast enlargement?
At Zurich Plastics, we offer several procedures for breast enlargement. With fat grafting breast augmentation, fat is first removed through body-contouring liposuction. Then, the fat is washed and filtered in a closed, sterile system. The patient’s concentrated fat can then be injected into the breast through 2-3 small 2 mm incisions. Through the processing of fat at Zurich Plastics, we achieve an extremely high survival rate of fat cells in the breast. With hybrid breast augmentation, we combine the insertion of a breast implant with simultaneous fat transplantation. This hybrid breast enlargement achieves the most natural result.

The most commonly used method of breast augmentation is achieved through the sole use of silicone implants. The breast implants we use are characterized by the lowest complication rates (lowest rates of capsular contracture due to the nano-textured surface) and their natural appearance after implantation (extremely soft implants from the Ergonomix series). The extraordinary flexibility of these implants allows our plastic surgeons to use our MinimalScarTechnique, where the implant is inserted through a tiny access point using a sterile silicone funnel in the No Touch technique.

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