Renuvion® J-Plasma

Renuvion® J-Plasma – permanent skin tightening with plasma energy in Zurich

In our Zurich Plastics clinic, we were the first practice for plastic surgery in Zurich, Switzerland to use the revolutionary skin tightening technology from Renuvion® called J-Plasma. Thanks to many years of experience with this procedure, our plastic surgeon Konstantinos Jiouchas has built up expertise over time with results that outshine all previous methods of skin tightening.

Konstantinos Jiouchas

German & Swiss Board Certified in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

  • Founder & Medical Director of Zurich Plastics
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and International Trainer for Allergan/Abbvie & Galderma 
  • KOL for APYX Medical Renuvion®️
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • 24h availability after treatment

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Advantages of Renuvion® J-Plasma skin tightening:

  • Tissue-gentle, safe
  • No visible scars
  • Excellent skin tightening effects
  • Natural Results
  • Short downtime

Slack skin – a common problem

Patients often come to us with a loss of elasticity in the skin on the stomach, chin, upper arms or thighs, sometimes accompanied by fat deposits in the areas mentioned, causing personal distress or discomfort. liposuction alone would improve the results, but would not deliver the desired result.

For those patients, we at Zurich Plastics offer an innovative and effective remedy in the hands of our experienced plastic surgeon – Renuvion® J-Plasma technology.

But how does this skin tightening by plasma energy in combination with radio frequency work without scars?

This latest technology from the USA combines the advantages of a cold helium plasma jet and skin-tightening radio frequency.

The skin-tightening component of the Renuvion® J-Plasma is located at the end of a rod that is only 3 mm wide. The wand is inserted under the skin via small puncture incisions in the skin under local anesthesia, so that the cold plasma jet with the radio frequency can tighten the overlying skin without further scars.

Renuvion® J-Plasma generates its true potential in combination with body-shaping liposuction. After the vibration-assisted MicroAire liposuction we use, in which the fat pads are removed and body contours are shaped, the skin-tightening Renuvion® J-Plasma probe is inserted via the entry points of the liposuction in order to achieve an unprecedented tightening – similar to the traditional laser technology – but not with the complications that often occur due to the uncontrolled heat effect of the laser. This is one of the numerous advantages of this new technology, in which the energy emitted by the plasma jet tightens the desired connective tissue without damaging the surrounding tissue.

We have specialized in body-shaping liposuction for years and are one of the first practices in German-speaking countries and the first practice for plastic surgery here in Zurich to offer you this Renuvion® technology.

J-Plasma in Zürich

How does a treatment with Renuvion® J-Plasma work here in Zurich?

Before the treatment, we determine in the consultation whether liposuction in combination with skin tightening makes sense. In a combined procedure with our vibration-assisted liposuction (this method has now established itself as the gold standard worldwide among plastic surgeons specializing in body shaping), the marked fat pads are suctioned out in advance via small puncture incisions. A tumescent solution made of common salt, anesthetic and adrenaline that is introduced before the aspiration loosens up the fatty tissue, reduces the occurrence of bruises and ensures that the fat cells can be aspirated in a manner that is gentle on the tissue.

With conventional liposuction, the connective tissue has a limited ability to tighten slightly on its own in the months after the procedure. And this is exactly where our revolutionary Renuvion® J-Plasma technology comes into play. We insert the narrow J-plasma probe under the skin via the stab incisions of the liposuction and can thus directly tighten the overlying skin with the «cool» plasma energy in combination with radio frequency. The controlled heating of the skin also stimulates collagen formation in the skin, which further improves the result in the months after the procedure.

For which parts of the body is the skin-tightening Renuvion® J-Plasma technology suitable in combination with liposuction?

Due to the guaranteed safety aspect, this new technology from the USA is suitable for almost all areas that we treat with liposuction in body contouring:

  • stomach
  • Thighs
  • knees
  • Upper arms
  • chin
  • Neck
  • flanks
  • Back

Is the Renuvion® J-Plasma technology superior to the old treatment methods such as laser and BodyTite or FaceTite?

Thanks to our many years of experience with all these technologies, we can answer this question with a resounding yes. We have specialized in the field of body contouring liposuction for years and also deal with numerous technologies that are used in the field of plastic surgery for skin tightening. In our opinion, the inadequate safety aspect speaks against the laser. Too often in recent years have we observed complications from burns, which unfortunately can result from the uncontrolled heat exposure of the laser.

In recent years we have also used the BodyTite and FaceTite methods, which only use conventional radio frequency to lightly tighten the skin. The results are not satisfactory as it only achieves a slight tightening of the areas used. A comparison with the new Renuvion® J-Plasma technology, which uses the cold, skin-tightening helium plasma jet in combination with skin-tightening radio frequency, clearly outshines these two methods.

Would you like to benefit from the advantages of skin tightening with the renuvion J-Plasma?

Would you like to have your skin tightened in combination with body contouring liposuction? Are you looking for an experienced plastic surgeon in body contouring for a 2nd opinion? Are you dissatisfied with out-of-town liposuction and want to get S.O.S. (Secondary Aesthetics Surgery) in our clinic in Zurich? Our experienced specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery FMH Konstantinos Jiouchas will be happy to help you and will take plenty of time in an initial consultation to create an individual treatment concept with you. Make an appointment now for a skin tightening consultation with our Renuvion® J-Plasma.

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    • The duration of the operation depends on the number of areas treated
    • Results appear after 6-8 weeks
    • Compression underwear for 6 weeks
    • Slight pain for 2-3 days
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