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The skin is by far the largest human organ. The surface of the skin, if spread out, is between about 1.5 and about 2 square meters in an adult human. The associated weight is in the range between 4 and 10 kilograms, depending on the size and skin type of the person. This means that the weight of the skin (depending on the skin type and size of the person) can be up to around 10 percent of the total body weight.

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Our skin is not only the largest organ, it is also one of the most stressed organs in our body. In addition, our skin is also one of the organs that take on numerous important functions at the same time. The most important function is of course keeping our body together. As the outermost layer and last layer of our body, our skin ensures that all organs, vessels, muscles and the blood and nerve tracts remain in the right place in our body. In addition, the skin is also our outer protective shield, which largely protects us against environmental influences, but also against a large number of impacts and other external influences. But in addition to these functions, the skin is also responsible for many metabolic functions, the body’s heat balance and, of course, for supplying our body with enough oxygen.

The skin is therefore not only the largest human organ, but also one of the most stressed and stressed organs that we have. In particular, environmental influences, nutrition and, of course, increasing age leave more or less clear traces on all people over the course of time. The areas of the skin that are permanently exposed to the environment, such as the face, hands and décolleté, are particularly badly affected by the process of skin aging and wrinkle formation. But scars caused by acne can also damage the surface of the skin and in many cases lead to an aesthetically unattractive complexion.

What can I do against the aging process?

There are various methods and options to counteract this aging process. One of the most effective methods by far, alongside carbon laser peeling, is CO2 laser treatment. The CO2 laser treatment, which is also often referred to as Fraxel laser treatment, enables the reduction of wrinkles and scars to an extent that was considered practically impossible until some time ago. Laser treatment or the use of the fractional CO2 laser makes it possible to penetrate deeper into the skin and thereby remove or minimize wrinkles and deeper acne scars. In addition, the treatment leads to a significantly improved complexion and a reduction in pigment spots and the reduction of pores. The treatment is also suitable for tightening the upper and lower eyelids. After the treatment, the skin looks much fresher, younger and more vital.

How a Fraxel Laser treatment works and the different types of Fraxel Lasers

As with all laser treatments, this treatment is also based on the use of highly concentrated light with a specific wavelength, which is used for the treatment. Fraxel’s CO2 laser is specially designed to treat the surface of the skin. With the help of the CO2 laser, the upper layers of the skin can be removed very finely and thanks to the self-healing effect of the skin, new collagen and a fresh skin layer are formed again after a short time. During the treatment, the laser is guided piece by piece over the skin at a previously set distance, removing an area of ​​skin about one square centimeter at a time. This laser is particularly suitable for removing or smoothing larger scars, removing upper lip wrinkles and generally ensures visibly fresher and healthier skin.

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Benefits of Fraxel Laser Treatment

The Fraxel laser treatment represents a revolution in the treatment of skin problems. With this type of laser treatment, thousands of microscopically small skin areas can be treated very precisely and specifically at the same time . The treatment stimulates the body’s own healing process, in which the injured skin is replaced with new, freshly formed skin and the formation of new collagen is also stimulated.

The following advantages result from the laser treatment:

  • New, smooth and fresh skin forms
  • The treatment is effective against age spots, pigment spots and sun spots
  • The treatment increases the elasticity and resilience of the skin
  • Removes fine wrinkles and lines around the eyes
  • Helps reduce melasma

Another great advantage of the Fraxel laser treatment is that due to the great precision of the procedure, all particularly sensitive regions of the skin can be treated in a targeted manner. The success of the treatment is usually clearly visible after just a few days.

Procedure of a Fraxel Laser treatment

The process of such a laser treatment is essentially always the same and differs only slightly between the individual providers of cosmetic laser treatments. Before the actual CO2 laser treatment can begin, a gel-like numbing cream is applied to the skin area to be treated in the first step. Since the laser treatment injures the surface of the skin, there may be slight pain. The anesthetic cream applied ensures that the skin areas to be treated become less sensitive to pain and the treatment can therefore be carried out practically pain-free for the patient. After applying the cream, it takes about 20 to 30 minutes for the skin to take effect, until the area of ​​the skin is no longer sensitive to pain.

Once the anesthetic cream has taken effect, the actual treatment can begin. As with many other laser treatments, protective goggles must be worn during the treatment to protect the sensitive eyes from the laser flashes and the resulting heat. In the next step, the laser is guided in small steps over the skin areas to be treated at a previously set distance and then activated. Depending on the size of the area to be treated and the type of laser, the treatment itself (without the time for anesthesia) takes between 30 and 60 minutes.

After completion of the treatment, the skin is then creamed with a cream that protects the treated areas from infections, cools and moisturizes the skin and accelerates wound healing. Due to the heavy stress on the skin during the laser treatment, the skin is badly tanned and swollen after the end of the application. In the days after the treatment, the skin starts to peel off severely, which many patients use to withdraw for a few days until this process is complete. The treated skin areas should not be exposed directly to the sun to avoid skin irritation and pain. In addition, the use of sunscreen is recommended to protect yourself from harmful UV radiation. So that the treatment can lead to a permanent and long-lasting result, 3 to 5 applications are usually necessary in the following years.

The risks and side effects of laser treatment

The side effects that can occur after the Fraxel laser treatment include redness and swelling of the treated skin areas. Itching, dry skin and peeling and scaling of skin areas can also occur. The side effects mentioned usually disappear after a few days. The extent to which the aforementioned side effects occur depends not only on the patient’s sensitivity, but above all on the intensity of the treatment. Risks include possible scarring and possible inflammation of the treated skin areas. However, inflammation and the formation of scars only occur in extremely rare cases. In the preliminary consultation, the doctor will also inform the patient about possible risks that could arise.

The cost of a Fraxel Laser treatment

The cost of a treatment with a Fraxel CO2 Laser can vary greatly depending on the clinic or beauty institute. Although the laser treatment is practically always similar, the prices (for the same body region) are quite different and, last but not least, also depend a little on the region. The price range per treatment can range from around 250 CHF per session to 950 CHF per session. In most cases, however, the price per session should be in the range of 250 to 500 CHF. Of course, the skin regions and thus the size of the areas to be treated are decisive for the price of the treatment. The larger the area to be treated, the longer the laser treatment takes and the more expensive the treatment is.

The price ranges listed below for the corresponding body regions can be viewed as a good guideline:

  • The face (complete) about 500 to 950 CHF
  • The neck about 500 to 700 CHF
  • The upper lip and lower lip about 150 to 300 CHF
  • The mouth region around 250 to 400 CHF
  • The décolleté area around 600 to 1000 CHF
  • The cheeks (both) about 250 to 500 CHF
  • The nose around 150 to 300 CHF
  • The upper arms (both) around 350 to 600 CHF
  • The forearms around 250 to 500 CHF
  • The eye area about 200 to 400 CHF

The price ranges mentioned are only approximate prices and can of course vary both upwards and downwards. For an initial price estimate, it seems to make the most sense to calculate with the middle prices from the price ranges mentioned. The fact that the treatment has to be repeated several times to ensure lasting success is also important for estimating an approximate cost framework. As a rule, 2 to 5 applications can be expected if a lasting effect is to be achieved. On average, about 3 to 4 treatments should be calculated and the prices mentioned above should be multiplied by a factor of three or four.

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