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Skinceuticals serum

The right serum for your skin! We introduce you to selected serums from the Skinceuticals brand, which are also used in treatments at our Clinic for Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery in Zurich. Each serum we offer, including our standout retinol serum and vitamin C serum, has been carefully chosen by a team of aesthetics and skincare experts.

Dr. Konstantinos Jiouchas, our specialist in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, knows from years of experience the importance of quality in skincare and places his trust in the Skinceuticals product line. Our goal at Zurich Plastics is to provide only the best products grounded in the latest scientific findings and proven formulations.

The Skinceuticals serum lineup boasts potent ingredients in concentrated doses, including hyaluronic acid and collagen, which work synergistically to visibly enhance the appearance of your skin. They provide solutions for a range of skin concerns such as dryness, dark spots, wrinkles and fine lines, loss of firmness and elasticity, and much more.

Zurich Plastics is proud to offer Skinceuticals products, endorsed by esteemed dermatologists and plastic surgeons and adored by our very own clientele. We firmly believe that quality skincare is foundational for overall well-being and that everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin.

Explore our serum category and discover a diversity of products on offer. Whether you’re in the market for a hydrating serum with hyaluron, a brightening serum, or an anti-aging serum, our range is sure to have the perfect product tailored to your skin’s unique needs.

Invest in your skin – it’s worth it. Embark on your journey to radiant, healthy skin today with a premium Skinceuticals serum.

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