Laser hair removal Zurich

What are the advantages of this method?

Whether shaving, plucking or epilation: there are many different methods of hair removal. However, the procedures are sometimes very painful and the results are short-lived. However, many women and men want a permanent solution to their “hairy problem”. An effective, gentle and, above all, permanent method is the Laser Hair Removal Zurich.

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What are the advantages of laser hair removal in Zurich?

Anyone who wants permanently smooth skin will sooner or later become aware of treatment with the medical hair removal laser (Alexandrite Laser and YAG Laser). The Laser Hair Removal Zurich offers a multitude of advantages:

  • The latest technology ensures excellent results
  • It is permanent hair removal, i. H. No new hair will grow back in the treated areas of the body
  • The laser treatment is suitable for all skin types and hair colors
  • Both the face (e.g. chin, upper lip, facial hair) and the body (e.g. bikini area, armpits, back, chest or legs) can be treated
  • The treatment is painless
  • The individual session lasts an average of just 15 minutes
  • Only few sessions are required, saving time and money
  • There is little or no redness after the treatment
Laser Haarentfernung in Zürich

How does laser hair removal work in Zurich?

The Laser Hair Removal Zurich always begins with an anamnesis, during which important health issues are clarified. In addition to determining possible contraindications, this includes e.g. For example, taking certain medications counts, as does the question of current skin care habits.

A cooling gel is then applied to the part of the body to be treated. Wearing of special goggles is intended to protect the eyes. The cooled treatment head is guided over the treatment zone with gentle pressure. Depending on the treatment area, either a large or a small head is used. A small laser is generally suitable for the facial area in order to achieve the most precise result possible.

The laser emits pure, high-energy light, which is absorbed by the hair and passed on to the hair roots. The latter are destroyed in this way, which means that no new hair can grow back. The laser hair removal in Zurich is therefore a combination of the latest laser technology in connection with the advantages of the pulsed light method. It usually takes more than ten years for the hair roots to regenerate from this treatment, which is why one can certainly speak of permanent hair removal.

The frequency of the laser intervals is 5 to 8 shots per second, which significantly reduces the duration of each session. After the laser hair removal, the remaining cooling gel is removed. If desired, a regenerating gel can be applied to calm the skin area, e.g. B. an aloe vera gel. On average, about 6 to 8 treatments are needed before the hair stops growing.

When is one socially acceptable again after the laser treatment?

Especially when the face is to be treated, the question of temporary traces of treatment is relevant for many customers. As a rule, only little or no redness is to be feared, so that after laser hair removal in Zurich you are socially acceptable again immediately.

Caution: Under no circumstances should make-up be applied to the redness!

How many sessions do you need in total?

The total number of sessions also depends on the factors mentioned above. On average, around 8-12 sessions are needed. The denser and thicker the hair growth, the more often the laser has to be used in order to achieve the desired result.

How long does a single session last?

How long a single session for laser hair removal in Zurich lasts depends on the size of the area to be treated. Small areas of the body such as B. the upper lip takes less than 5 minutes, while a laser treatment of the back can easily take half an hour. It is of course possible to treat several areas during one session.

Does the laser treatment also work on light or red hair?

With conventional methods, hair removal from very light or red hair is difficult if not impossible. However, the Laser Hair Removal Zurich is equally suitable for all skin and hair colors. However, there is one difference to note: the Alexandrite laser is used for very light skin types, while a YAG Lasers recommends to avoid pigment disorders.

Which body zones can be treated?

With the exception of the eye area, almost all parts of the body can be subjected to hair removal with a laser.

In the facial area:

  • chin
  • upper lip
  • Lady beard


  • Intimate area
  • Armpit
  • Back
  • Chest
  • Legs
  • Arms
Haarentfernung mittels Laser

The cost of laser hair removal in Zurich

The costs vary depending on the body zone and the number of sessions required, which in turn depends on the personal skin and hair condition. The average cost of depilating a small area of ​​the body such as the upper lip or chin is CHF 150, while the costs for individual body areas start at CHF 250. We also offer package prices for several treatments (packages of 3, full body packages, etc.).

Are there any risks with laser hair removal?

When used properly, as in the case of laser hair removal in Zurich, the treatment risks are low. It should be mentioned, however, that laser treatment poses a risk to eye health unless protective goggles are worn. The latter measure is therefore indispensable. Incidentally, this applies to both the customer and the practitioner. The glasses should also be adjusted to the type of laser used.

Furthermore, redness and swelling can occur after hair removal by laser, but these usually subside on their own within a few hours or days. In rare cases, especially if used improperly, blisters and burns with subsequent scarring can occur.

The information about the Fraxel Laser treatment

Before a laser treatment, as before any specialist treatment, a personal consultation tailored to the individual patient should always take place at our Zurich Plastics Center for Plastic Surgery. In a detailed consultation, an individual and most suitable therapy can be worked out together and all advantages and risks of a treatment can be discussed.

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