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Exilis Ultra 360 – Cellulite & Skin rejuvenation

Targeted combination of ultrasound and radio frequency with Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL

In recent years, technical innovations have led to a revolution in non-invasive treatment methods in aesthetic medicine. In addition to classic treatment variants that can be found in Switzerland, including e.g. Microneedling in Zurich, the Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL options for a targeted and, above all, painless skin tightening for cellulite or skin rejuvenation as well as for body contouring and fat pad removal. In the following article you will find out which exact advantages can be achieved for you through treatment with the innovative device.

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What is BTL Exilis Ultra 360?

The device is a combination of ultrasound and radio frequency that is non-invasive to patients. The treatment goal of this method is to tighten the treated areas and thereby rejuvenate them. As a clinically proven remedy, Exilis Ultra 360 offers options for skin tightening, body shaping and, if required, also for Genital rejuvenation. However, we do not carry out any interventions in the intimate area.


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How Exilis Ultra 360 by BTL works

The way the device works is very simple. From the basic approach, the device delivers radio frequency energy and ultrasound energy in parallel in the body areas to be treated. This heats up the cellular fat layer in a targeted manner. Undesirable and disturbing phenomena such as cellulite or increased fat deposits can be avoided with this procedure. Fat cells are broken down and released into the intercellular spaces. They can then die off naturally in these areas. Through the focused destruction of the unwanted fat cells, the destroyed cell remnants are simply excreted through your human metabolic process. In addition to reducing fat deposits, treatment with Exilis Ultra 360 has an additional skin-tightening effect. The skin-tightening effect is also triggered by the applied high-frequency energy, which stimulates your lower skin layers. The formation of collagen and elastin fibers makes the treated skin significantly firmer and smoother.

Exilis Ultra 360

Results from Exilis treatments

The declared goal of the Exilis treatments, like a skin tightening in Zurich, is to achieve firmer and smoother skin. Along with this, however, a contoured body shape, cellulite reduction and the targeted elimination of annoying fat areas in the annoying problem zones can also be carried out. Non-invasive treatments have clear advantages over surgical cosmetic procedures.

Non-invasive treatment benefits in brief:

  • Treatment successes are clinically ensured and proven
  • There is no downtime due to the treatment
  • Treatments with Elexis Ultra 360 are suitable for both the body and the face
  • It is the only technical system that successfully combines both proven ultrasound technology and radio frequency technology


Possible treatment areas

In principle, Elixis Ultra 360 can be used on all areas where a skin tightening, the removal of fat pads or cellulite is to take place.



Among the most popular treatment areas are:

  • face and eyes
  • neck and arms
  • Middle of the cleavage
  • back and abdomen
  • Buttocks and back
  • Thighs
  • Ankles, calves and knees
Hautstraffung mit dem Exilis von BTL

Is the treatment successful for every patient?

Patients usually have to contend with doubts before undergoing such a treatment, in particular with regard to the effectiveness of such a treatment. However, suspicion and fears are explicitly not appropriate, since the treatment success to be expected sometimes has dramatic, positive beauty effects in store.


The face as a treatment area with Elixis Ultra 360

By using radio frequency, collagen fibers can be broken down in a targeted manner. This can stimulate the skin’s natural healing process to form new collagen. The collagen newly formed by the body is stronger and smoothes the entire appearance over the long term. The skin appears younger and much firmer. In addition, smaller wrinkles in particular are reduced. Newly formed collagen fibers tighten even slack skin, resulting in youthful beauty.

The application process with Exilis Ultra 360

The application process is usually even relaxing for you as a patient. Starting with a feeling of warmth, customers report either very little or no discomfort during the course of the treatment. A cooling function on the device guarantees maximum comfort in conjunction with the highest safety standards. The duration of treatment always depends on the size of the area to be treated. On average, the treatment time can be between 20 and 60 minutes. Four Exilis Ultra 360 treatments are recommended for maximum results. The necessary treatments and the associated treatment steps are determined as part of a comprehensive consultation. The consultation is based on your individual initial situation and your desired treatment goals.


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Added treatment value with Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL

The innovation Exilis Ultra 360 is currently considered the most powerful technology to be found on the beauty market. In addition to an intended skin tightening and skin rejuvenation, this can also be used to carry out a targeted reduction in body fat and body contouring.

Treatments with this innovative technology enable focused and, above all, discreet treatment successes, in which stubborn fat deposits can be eliminated. Popular treatment areas for the melting of love handles are the abdominal region, the so-called bingo wings or the thighs. In addition, patients enjoy a reduction in cellulite, especially on the thighs.

BTL is one of the world’s leading suppliers of special devices for aesthetic medical treatments. The focus of the possible treatments are non-invasive and non-surgical interventions. Patient downtime can thus be avoided. The combination of ultrasound and radio frequency is the basis of the innovative technology and enables the breaking up and killing of the body’s own fat cells. However, the fact that the surrounding tissue is spared is particularly advantageous.

The human dermis is gently heated with the high frequency. As a result, collagen growth can be accelerated deep in the skin layers. If you are aiming for a body shape treatment, the fat cells will be broken up and removed at the same time by the high-frequency waves. The fat is eliminated and thus body fat is reduced as well as a targeted skin tightening without performing an operation.

The clinically proven treatment helps patients to contour the body in a targeted manner and to eliminate annoying fat deposits. An application on the face always results in a youthful appearance. If you want to give your exterior a more youthful glow, Exilis Ultra 360 may be the solution you are looking for. In addition to the high costs of an operation, there are also no long downtimes that are usually associated with an operation.

By using radio frequency, a reconstruction of collagen can be triggered by the initiated healing process. As a desired side effect, your skin smoothes out naturally and optimizes your personal appearance. Smaller wrinkles and lines are optimized.

The successful interplay of ultrasound and radio frequency

With the Elexis Ultra 360 from BTL, only one device is needed to tighten the skin, contour the body and eliminate fat deposits.

Principles of technological innovation at a glance:

  • Face lift
  • Targeted fat cell destruction in problem areas
  • Parallel skin heating and destruction of fat cells
  • Effects have been extensively proven by clinical studies
  • Energy Flow Control ensures that optimal performance acts on the tissue

Benefits of Elexis Ultra 360 at a glance:

  • There are two treatment heads for the body and face
  • Through controlled cooling and heating, the energy reaches the depths of your tissue without pain
  • Skin temperature is checked throughout the procedure
  • No downtime after a non-invasive treatment

Overview of treatment successes of Elexis Ultra 360:

  • There is an immediate effect after the treatment
  • Skin rejuvenation is initiated
  • Melting unwanted love handles
  • Body contouring

Is Exilis Ultra 360 for every customer?

Patients between the ages of 21 and 70 are the primary target group of this technical innovation. Customers who are looking for an uncomplicated method that will result in rejuvenation of the complexion of the face and improvement of the cosmetic image of the body should deal with this innovative treatment method. Common areas that are processed by Exilis Ultra 360 are the face, décolleté, legs, arms, buttocks, ankles, stomach and sometimes also the genital area.

Behandlung mit dem Exilis

Is BTL Exilis Ultra 360 treatment safe?

The innovative device Elexis Ultra 360 was developed under strict conditions and meets all applicable and necessary safety standards to ensure efficient treatment. For example, an Energy Flow Control system has been integrated to check the amount of energy that is released during the treatment. This keeps the energy process of the device constant. In addition, the integrated cooling of the device helps to ensure that the right temperature can work its way down to the lower layer of the skin. This makes it possible to ensure not only optimal treatment results but also patient comfort during the treatment. In addition, the effectiveness and safety of the device has been thoroughly examined, tracked and proven in several clinical studies.

Are there any behavioral recommendations for the success of the treatment?

Basically, no dietary habits need to be changed, although the success of the procedures, especially in contouring yours, would be maximized by a healthy and balanced diet. As the market leader, the provider BTL has created a device that makes it possible to combine and ensure the high effectiveness of ultrasound and radio frequency. The built-in cooling also ensures that the treatment is painless for the patient. This also increases the comfort for you as a customer.

Supplementary information:

  • Radio frequency waves do not penetrate as deeply into the skin layers, so that the ultrasonic waves have a deeper effect and thus work more efficiently
  • Radio frequency waves therefore aim to promote collagen formation
  • Ultrasonic waves are capable of destroying fat cells
  • The combination of ultrasound and radio frequency waves boosts the effect: fat cells are destroyed at the same time and the tissue is tightened

Treatment with this innovative device, the world leader, allows a wide range of applications for both women and men. Only pregnant women, people with liver diseases and patients who have a pacemaker should not be treated with Elexis Ultra 360.

Additional values ​​of Exilis Ultra 360 compared to a classic fat-away syringe

It’s not always easy to get rid of problem areas. Stubborn fat deposits are not only annoying, but also annoying. Above all, stubborn fat deposits can be specifically and, above all, permanently eliminated with Elexis Ultra 360 from BTL. By destroying the fat cells and removing them, the tissue in the region is tightened at the same time. The result is a slimmer silhouette and a more harmonious body shape. Another suitable measure to get rid of unwanted fat pads can be the fat away injection. However, customers who are afraid of needles should inform themselves about treatment with Elexis Ultra 360. Targeted processing of the problem areas can be carried out without scary needles.


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How does Exilis Ultra 360 improve annoying cellulite?

Cellulite is a problem that many women have and makes most sufferers despair. One way to gently get rid of cellulite is to treat it with Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL. During the treatment, the fat cells and collagen fibers are heated both with radio frequency waves and with ultrasonic waves. The collagen fibers contract as a result of this treatment. This also explains the immediate effect after such a treatment. In the further course, the collagen-elastin framework in the treated area is rebuilt. The result is a smoother and more harmonious complexion. The targeted fat cell destruction due to the high temperature during the application also initiates the removal of the destroyed cells via the lymphatic system. This creates a subcutaneous fat structure that is even.

What should be considered after treatment with the Exilis Ultra 360?

One of the most positive aspects of a treatment with BTL’s Exilis Ultra 360 is that you can get back to work straight away. You do not have to plan for downtime and can also feel comfortable in company. However, if you have fat reduction done, it is strongly recommended to drink as much liquid as possible. 3.5 liters of water are recommended to boost metabolism. This allows the detached fat to be transported away more efficiently. Light sporting activities are also possible.

Conclusion: Targeted combination of ultrasound and radio frequency with Exilis Ultra 360 from BTL

Beauty interventions are increasingly part of the everyday life of beauty-conscious and self-critical people of different ages. However, complicated and costly, major surgical procedures such as breast augmentation in Zurich or Liposuction in Zurich. Technical innovations enable smaller and faster intervention variants, which are sometimes performed non-invasively and therefore do not result in downtime or crippling pain for the customer. In recent years, the world market leader BTL has been able to cause a revolution in the beauty industry with the Exilis Ultra 360 device. The targeted combination of radio frequency and ultrasound can be used to initiate non-invasive skin rejuvenation and skin tightening as well as a targeted reduction in fat deposits on the body. We can describe the treatment successes from our everyday practice as individual and dramatically good. Without any downtime, such treatment interventions, which take between 20 and 60 minutes depending on the size of the area to be treated, will bring about great success in an uncomplicated manner.

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