Wrinkle treatment with Restylane Skinboosters by Galderma

Are you looking for a practice clinic with many years of expertise in wrinkle treatment in Zurich? The experts at the Zurich Plastics specialist practice, led by Konstantinos Jiouchas, specialist in plastic and aesthetic surgery FMH, are the right people to talk to about your wrinkle treatment.

Konstantinos Jiouchas

German & Swiss Board Certified in Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery

  • Founder & Medical Director of Zurich Plastics
  • Key Opinion Leader (KOL) and International Trainer for Allergan/Abbvie & Galderma 
  • KOL for APYX Medical Renuvion®️
  • Over 15 years of experience
  • 24h availability after treatment

4.9 rating on Google

Skin booster from Galderma at Zurich Plastics

Experience natural skin rejuvenation

Would you like to experience a fresh and revitalized complexion? Thanks to the Skinbooster treatment from Galderma, you can see for yourself. Compared to conventional hyaluronic treatments, which are only suitable for specific facial areas, the skin booster therapy offers a comprehensive approach to skin rejuvenation. Injecting hyaluronic acid into skin layers not only stimulates collagen production, but also provides long-lasting hydration, resulting in an overall improved skin texture.

Skinbooster: Your way to radiant skin

Treatment in detail

Prepare to improve your skin. The hyaluronic acid provides deep hydration, smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and provides a fresher, rejuvenated appearance.

Skinbooster Galderma Zurich Plastics

Applicable areas

Skinboosters from Galderma are not only suitable for the face, but can also be used on the neck, décolleté and hands. After the treatment, the skin appears smoother, firmer and visibly fresher. The effect usually lasts four to nine months.

We at Praxis Plastics Zurich invite you to make an appointment for a consultation. Our experienced specialists look forward to advising you personally and answering your open questions directly.

Advantages of skin booster treatment at Zurich Plastics

    • Natural results: Since no artificial volume is created, the natural features of the face are preserved.
    • Fast treatment: The therapy only takes 15 – 30 minutes, making it ideal for busy individuals.
    • Long-lasting hydration: The creation of moisture deposits ensures long-lasting hydration of the skin.
    • Painless: The treatment is uncomplicated and painless thanks to the addition of lidocaine in the product, which increases patient comfort and well-being.
    • Deep action: Unlike many skin care products, skin boosters work deep into the skin, allowing for more effective treatment.

The renowned specialist practice Plastics Zurich, headed by the experienced specialist Dr. Konstantinos Jiouchas, specializes in Galderma’s advanced skinbooster technology.
We combine Greek aesthetics, German quality and Swiss precision to achieve remarkable skin rejuvenation results. By using the skin booster from Galderma, we sustainably improve the skin quality, which leads to a visibly rejuvenated and hydrated complexion.

Request an appointment

The plastic surgeon Konstantinos Jiouchas will be happy to advise you individually and professionally in our Zurich practice (Zurich Plastics, Maneggstrasse 45, 8041 Zurich, phone +41 44 576 94 54). Arrange your personal consultation appointment now.

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    Skin booster – Galderma

    • Pain reducing treatment
    • Treatment duration 15 – 30 minutes
    • Shelf life 3 – 6 months
    • Skin rejuvenation
    • Application with injection
    • No downtime, immediately socially acceptable
    Facharztpraxis Zurich Plastics
    Greek aesthetics, German quality and Swiss precision.
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